Painstakingly crafted in our Italian factory, we’ve developed a new technique for the Featherweight Ebury to fuse the leather with a bold P.U. backing, creating our lightest bag yet.


We’ve created the Featherweight Ebury as a lightweight shell so you can layer it with a clutch and loose pocket to create your ideal organisational system. We recommend pairing it with the Georgiana clutch, which you can use as a  removable pocket by day and clutch bag for evenings and events. Choose a colour to match the bold P.U. backing and wear with the tassel on the outside. 

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Chaos & Order

A lesson in organisation, inspired by the SS14 collection and featuring the Featherweight Ebury. WATCH & SHOP THE FILM ›

The Craftsmanship

  • We use Madras goatskin for the Featherweight Ebury because it has a more luxurious finish.

  • A metal frame - known as a knife - is used to find the most flawless section of the leather to use. This is then pressed and cut.

  • Once the panels have been cut, they're bonded with a bold P.U. backing. By pressing the two materials together at 105°C, they're fused for a modern, clean finish.

  • Before we stitch the bag, each of the seams are carefully thinned so they don't add any unnecessary weight.

  • All of the exposed edges are carefully painted by hand and then buffed for a smooth, fine finish.

Add a Tassel

The pinnacle of leather craftsmanship, make your Featherweight Ebury your own by adding a tassel.

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