One of the most talked-about pieces from the Spring Summer 2014 collection, the Crisp Packet clutch has just arrived in store and online. SHOP THE CRISP PACKET ›

Out of this World

For our Spring Summer 2014 London Fashion Week show, we created our own luxurious take on space debris - the centrepiece was the Crisp Packet clutch.WATCH THE SHOW ›

The Gallery

From the Oscars red carpet to international fashion weeks, see where the Crisp Packet has been spotted.

  • As Seen On Diane Kruger

  • As Seen On Emma Watson

  • As Seen On Solange Knowles

  • As Seen On Kate Foley

  • As Seen On Miroslava Duma

  • As Seen On Stephanie LaCava

  • As Seen On Lucy Chadwick

  • As Seen On Susie Lau

  • As Seen On Natalie Massenet

The Craftsmanship

We worked closely with specialist artisans to perfect the design of the Crisp Packet, ensuring each one is as functional as it is beautiful. From the initial idea to the finished product, see how it was done.

  • 1.We started with the real thing: a packet of Walker’s Crisps (salt and vinegar, of course) which we photographed from every angle to create a 3D rendering.

  • 2.This computer- generated render is used to test different shapes, colours and textures.

  • 3.Once we were happy with the design we created the first prototype.

  • 4.We took the crisp packet to Italy, where we found craftsman who specialise in intricate metalwork.

  • 5.We use eight moulds to create each clutch, ensuring that each piece fits together perfectly.

  • 6.To get the colour exactly right, we spray in thin layers until we’ve obtained the perfect shade.

  • 7.It takes seven hours to make each bag, which is then varnished by hand as there isn’t a machine that can work with the difficult angles and sharp corners.

  • 8.This intricate process ensures that each clutch is a unique piece of wearable art.