With its clean bonded edges and sleek, money-clip hardware, the Albion is a modern day bag that blends classic craftsmanship with cutting-edge techniques. Guaranteed to make any outfit feel pulled-together, we recommend carrying by the short grab handles for a modern look.SHOP THE COLLECTION ›

The Gallery

From front covers to the front row, see where the Albion has been spotted.

The Craftsmanship

We've worked closely with Italian artisans to develop some of the techniques that are used in the Albion, including thermo saldatura - a technique used to bond the leather together for a crisp, sleek finish.

  • The piece that started it all; this vintage money clip not only inspired the Albion's distinctive closure, but was the starting point for the whole collection.

  • A metal frame - known as the knife - is placed on the leather to find the best section to use. Once the leather has been chosen, it's pressed and cut.

  • The edges of the handle are carefully thinned - or skived - so that they can be folded and stitched together without becoming too bulky.

  • Each of our tassel zip pulls are edge painted by hand for a clean, luxurious finish.

  • This edge painting technique is used to finish all of the Albion's edges, each are buffed for a smooth, fine finish.

  • We've developed a technique called thermo saldatura to bond the leather together, avoiding the need for extra stitching for a clean, crisp finish.

The Catwalk

See the Albion on the catwalk in our SS14 London Fashion Week show.