To celebrate the arrival of our Autumn Winter 2016 collection – inspired by pixelation and 8-bit graphics – we spent 5 minutes with Mr. Tomohiro Nishikado, the pioneer who created Space Invaders and started a cultural phenomenon.

“The first game I created was an air battle game named 'Sky Fighter'. It was a mechanical game as it was before the invention of video games. But the first video game was a paddle game named 'Soccer' that evolved from 'Pong' by Atari.”

“When I was working on Space Invaders, the memory needed for storing image data was much more expensive than today, so it was impossible to draw Space Invaders with more realistic graphics, though I used to wish I could. I feel a bit strange that people love characters from the past now that we can draw any realistic graphics.”

“There were a lot of influences for Space Invaders: 'Star Wars' was about to be released and that is why the game is set in space.  The characters were from my nostalgic memory of the Martians in ‘The War of the Worlds' movie, which I watched when I was a child”

“I have no clear idea why people find 8-bit graphics so appealing, but it may be because people today are too familiar with vivid and real imagery and feel nostalgia for graphics from the past. Abstract imagery sometimes makes a stronger impression.”